Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition Research

This is an opportunity for a postdoctoral position in Dr. Andrea Garber’s clinical research group in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine and UCSF Eating Disorders Program:

The overarching goal of the research program is to improve outcomes in youth with eating disorders through advances in nutritional rehabilitation. The goal of the postdoctoral position to train a future leader in clinical nutrition interventions and expert in malnutrition secondary to eating disorders. 

This position will focus on: Clinical interventions and trials in hospitalized patients with malnutrition; leadership training in adolescent health; and clinical nutrition patient care and program development. PhD required; RD or RD-elgibile strongly preferred. 


Please see full job announcement here:

Please contact Dr. Garber directly with inquiries:

[email protected]