Clifford Attkisson Clinical Services Research Training Program

The NIMH-funded Clifford Attkisson Clinical Services Research Training Program (CSRTP) is focused on bridging the dissemination and implementation gap between science and service. Since 1985, CSRTP has launched the careers of clinical services investigators by providing high-quality education and support to postdoctoral scholars from a variety of disciplines (including psychology, social work, epidemiology, sociology, medicine, health economics, and nursing) who plan to pursue careers in mental health services research.

This position will provide mentored training and experience in eating disorders research under the supervision of Drs. Daniel Le Grange and Sasha Gorrell. In addition to training in relevant research methods, grant writing, and professional development, primary activities for the Fellow will consist of participation in ongoing and upcoming research opportunities within the UCSF Eating Disorders Program.

Our training goals are to:

  • Help postdoctoral fellows acquire sufficient methodological knowledge and research skills to conduct high-quality clinical services and interventions research
  • Through study and experiential learning, help postdoctoral fellows acquire knowledge about the most important pressing and contemporary issues in clinical services research
  • Assist postdoctoral fellows to attain professional skills essential to career advancement in academic and research settings
  • Help postdoctoral fellows develop a national scientific peer network within specific research areas

Learn more about the fellowship:

Interested parties can contact Dr. Le Grange directly for more information: [email protected]