Comprehensive Assessment

The UCSF Eating Disorders Program is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that provides outstanding clinical care for individuals with eating disorders (up to age 25) and their families. We are unique in our ability to provide both inpatient and outpatient services, depending on medical and/or psychiatric need. Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, dieticians, and nurses who are eating disorder specialists. We meet weekly to discuss progress, treatment goals, and coordinate care for patients.

Patients receive:
  • An initial comprehensive medical, psychiatric, and nutrition evaluation
  • Ongoing medical management, including medication management and nutrition monitoring
  • Evidence-based and individualized psychological treatment, including individual and family approaches
  • Support in accessing community resources and health insurance

Medical Services

All patients are initially seen by an adolescent medicine physician who obtains a thorough history of the illness and performs a physical exam. UCSF is an academic medical center, therefore, a patient may be seen by a pediatric resident or adolescent medicine fellow under the supervision of an attending physician. If medically indicated, laboratory tests and EKGs may be performed during the initial visit. If the patient is at serious medial risk due to malnutrition (e.g., unsafe heart rate / rhythm or body temperature, electrolyte abnormalities), the patient may be transferred to the UCSF Medical Center for inpatient medical monitoring and management.

Psychiatric Services

Patients receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation consisting of a clinical interview and the completion of selected questionnaires. This evaluation covers topics that are important in planning and implementing appropriate treatment for the particular patient and includes an assessment of: symptom history (eating and comorbid behaviors), treatment history, developmental history, history of trauma, risk assessment, family structure, personal strengths, social supports, motivation, and goals for treatment. Our team provides evidence-based individual and family therapy.

Nutrition Services

In collaboration with the medical team, a nutritionist evaluates each patient’s current and ongoing nutritional status. Our approach to nutrition planning is based on the needs of the individual. The nutritionist will work with certain patients, especially if older or living independently, to develop a detailed meal plan that is adjusted as needed to achieve a healthy weight. Younger patients, or those living at home, may not need a meal plan. For these patients, the nutritionist may meet with family members and/or the patient to develop a strategy to improve intake without setting specific requirements. The long-term goal of nutrition therapy is to help the patient return to healthy eating (eating enough to achieve and maintain a healthy weight).

Make an Appointment

Medical services are provided in one of three locations: San Francisco (Mission Bay), Marin, and Walnut Creek. Individual and family therapy is currently only offered in our San Francisco location, although we will be providing comprehensive care at all locations in the future. Please contact our program coordinator at (415) 514-1074 to schedule an initial appointment. If you or your child are referred to either one of our satellite locations, you can also contact their respective staff directly to schedule: (415) 461-4396 (Marin) and (925) 979-4123 (Walnut Creek).