For Referring Providers

Patient Care

If you have a patient who you would like to refer for medical or comprehensive assessment and management, or if you are concerned about your patient and think he or she may require inpatient medical hospitalization, please contact our Medical Director, Dr. Sara Buckelew, or the Adolescent Medicine physician on call at (415) 353-2002. Please note, you will need to obtain insurance authorization for a medical assessment. We can assist your staff if necessary. 

Admission Criteria

Patients who meet one of the following criteria may be candidates for admission to our inpatient unit for medical stabilization:


< 75% ideal body weight or ongoing weight loss despite intensive management

Acute food refusal

Severe and/or prolonged food refusal may be grounds for admission


Heart rate < 50 per minute daytime


·   Pulse increase of more than 35

·   Systolic BP decrease of more than 20

·   Diastolic BP decrease of more than 10


Blood pressure < 90/45


Temperature < 36° C

EKG abnormalities

e.g., prolonged QTc > 0.45


Serum potassium < 3 mmol/L

Other acute symptoms

e.g., syncope, esophageal tears, intractable vomiting, hematemesis, suicidal ideation


We are committed to working with healthcare professionals of all disciplines to better serve our patients. We collaborate with community healthcare professionals and serve as a resource for healthcare professionals in the identification and care of these complex patients.

If you are interested in a speaker or in collaborating with our team, please contact us.