FBT Caregiver Workshop Series

Wednesdays from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm via Zoom

Upcoming cycle: 5/31/2023 - 6/21/2023

What is this workshop series all about?

This virtual 4-session series of multi-family skills groups is designed for caregivers who want to learn more about implementing family-based treatment (FBT). Eating Disorders Program clinicians will orient caregivers to the principles of FBT and provide teaching on relevant topics, including nutrition, parenting, family communication, and stress management. Facilitated group discussions will further learning and support from other caregivers.

This group was designed for families who have not yet been able to access specialty eating disorders treatment, as well as those in Phase I of FBT who want to bolster their work. This skills group is not meant to be a substitute to FBT or other forms of psychotherapy.

Who can attend?

This group is open to parents or other caregivers of youth with an eating disorder who have had an assessment with the UCSF Eating Disorders Program. This is a closed 4-week group running monthly. Please plan to attend all four meetings. If you have any questions, please discuss with your FBT clinician and/or contact our Program Coordinators.

Why not include youth, or offer a separate workshop for youth?

We believe strongly in empowering caregivers to facilitate recovery. Our goal is for youth to remain firmly involved in their lives and to not overly identify with having an eating disorder. 

How do I register? 

Please register in advance by contacting our Program Coordinators, Megan Perez and Mitch Aman, at 415-514-1074. They can also answer any questions about your insurance benefits and estimated costs. For planning purposes, please let us know which caregiver(s) in your child’s family will attend. Those who have not had a psychological assessment with our team may need to complete a brief screening with the group facilitator.