FBT Caregiver Workshop

Our Caregiver Workshop is currently on hold due to COVID-19. For more information, please reach out to our Program Coordinator at 415-514-1074.

    What is this workshop series all about?

    This caregiver workshop series is designed as an adjunct to family-based treatment (FBT). Eating Disorders Program clinicians will provide teaching on topics relevant to eating disorders treatment, including parenting, managing stress, and effective communication. Facilitated group discussion will further learning and support from other caregivers. Caregivers will likely benefit from this workshop series even if FBT is going smoothly, and may be able to provide support or encouragement to other caregivers as well.

    Who can attend?

    Parents or other caregivers of youth currently receiving FBT (with a clinician who is FBT-certified or practicing at an FBT-training site) may attend. Caregivers may join at any time in the series and attend any or all meetings! If you have any questions, please discuss with your FBT clinician and/or contact our Program Coordinator.

    Why not include youth, or offer a separate workshop for youth?

    We believe strongly in empowering caregivers to facilitate recovery. Our goal is for youth to remain firmly involved in their lives and to not overly identify with having an eating disorder. 

    How do I register? 

    Please register in advance by calling our Program Coordinator at 415-514-1074. Our program coordinator can also answer any questions about your insurance benefits and estimated workshop cost. For planning purposes, please let us know whether other caregivers in your child’s family will attend.

    Please feel free to bring your lunch!