How Do I Enroll?

Coordinating your family for a weeklong intensive treatment program can be a challenging experience. This can be made even more complex when doing so in a new city, and while managing a potentially life threatening or chronic illness. Here we outline a step-by-step guide for how to enroll in our ED-IFT program:


  1. Call or e-mail our clinic coordinator, Simar Singh, at 415-476-0622 or [email protected]. Simar will gather pertinent preliminary information, and forward your inquiry to the ED-IFT Program Director, Dr. Stuart Murray.
  2. Dr. Murray will call you back directly within two business days, to answer any questions that you have, and provide a comprehensive overview of the program.
  3. If your family determine that this program will be helpful, a formal enrolment process requires you to provide medical clearance for participation in an outpatient treatment program. We ask that each family, within 7 days of the treatment week start date, see your local medical practitioner to ensure your adolescent’s medical stability.
  4. Sign a Release of Information form. This form will enable your local provider to send the necessary health information to UCSF’s ED-IFT team, so that your local medical provider can share your adolescent’s medical information with our team.
  5. Undergo financial/ insurance consultation with UCSF’s billing office.
  6. Schedule a psychological evaluation with UCSF’s ED-IFT team. Please note that you do not need to travel to UCSF for this evaluation; you will have the option of participating in this evaluation via telehealth.
  7. Conduct the psychological assessment with UCSF’s ED-IFT team.
  8. Arrive to San Francisco.
  9. Meet with our ED-IFT Program Director on the Monday morning of the treatment week’s start date.